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Provide authentic travel experiences, staying with locals in their homes, who ideally share similar interests with their guests.

Kaya Culture House is an accommodation marketplace dedicated to offering an unforgettable travel experience in Mas Village Ubud Bali. We connect guests to local host. Our hosts are at the heart of a home stay, offering the chance to live and breathe the local culture, to make friends as well as memories and to explore destinations in a truly authentic way. Home stay hosts can enjoy the fulfillment of being a part of their guest’s new adventures and make some money by renting out their extra space and by offering some culture activities. Experience all these, and more when you immerse yourself completely in the Kaya House.

Our program gives you a unique opportunity that you will never experience in urban Bali. Here in the Village of Wood Carving Centre MAS, you can participate with local community, work in their traditional environment and enjoy nature’s defining the good life. Learning more Balinese way of life, traditions, local cuisine and mingle with them in the family. By staying with us in Kaya House program, you will blend into daily village people life. On the right season, you can participate with the village people planting rice, harvesting and do some of their daily life in the village.

Ubud Kaya House - Bed & Breakfast, Culture Experiences

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